Government Relations

The Law Office of Philip A. Reale provides full-service, bipartisan consulting services specializing in government relations, public affairs, and strategic communications. As one of West Virginia’s most effective and respected practices, the Law Office of Philip A. Reale focuses on solving problems and creating opportunities for our clients. We integrate our legal and lobbying experience and knowledge to provide clients with comprehensive advice and representation, using our expertise and relationships to produce meaningful results and highly valuable partnerships.

We provide reliable, thorough and professional representation of clients before the legislative and executive branches of government in West Virginia and other jurisdictions. Our assortment of government relations services includes comprehensive strategic planning, issue advocacy, critical analysis and problem solving, as well as expertise and assistance in these areas:

• Strategic Planning: Developing strategic advocacy plans, as well as policy development, organizational growth initiatives and targeted legislative objectives.

• Legislation & Regulatory Advocacy (Public Policy): Leveraging our exceptional contacts with federal and state government officials to initiate and enhance partnerships essential to your success.

• Issue Development & Monitoring: Monitoring relevant legislative and regulatory activities and providing you with updates, as well as policy and political analysis and forecasts.

• Appropriations & Procurement: Helping you seek public funding opportunities and guiding you through the policies, regulations and requirements necessary to be eligible for state and federal contracts, grants and public works projects.

• Raising Visibility: Helping you achieve positive visibility through such high-level activities as speaking engagements, presentations and testimony on Capitol Hill and to state legislatures and other relevant organizations.

• Business Development: Helping you stay aware of business development opportunities and designing customized approaches that enable your business ventures to be considered and championed by key decision-makers.

• Coalition-Building: Helping you define, establish, structure and manage coalitions to effectively employ the collective knowledge, power and resources represented by coalition members.